Adolescent Health Nurse


The Adolescent Health Nurse for Wangaratta High School works as part of the Student Wellbeing Team two days per week.


The Adolescent Health Nurse role is about promotion of wellbeing and the prevention of harm.

The role is varied with about 70% encompassing the area of health promotion.


Health Promotion activities include co-facilitating classes with teachers, organising programs or events, giving out health information and education.


These can be on any topic related to Adolescent Health such as mental health and awareness, sexual and reproductive health, risk taking behaviours, etc. The other 30% of the role can include individual or group counselling with the Adolescent Health Nurse. This is done in a confidential space and referrals are made where necessary for further support for the student.

Some programs the Adolescent Health Nurse has been involved in this year have included Yr 7 Health and PE sessions about Puberty and Personal Development, Yr 8 Mentor Group Program MH8's (Mates), Yr 10 GP Help 4 U, and Yr 12 Lunchtime Relaxation sessions.