Scope of Podiatry


Podiatrists are professionals trained in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with feet and lower limbs.

Although podiatrists focus on feet, some issues are often related to other problems elsewhere in the body.


Diabetes Australia recommends that everyone with diabetes should have their feet assessed by a podiatrist at least once every twelve months.



Not sure on the services that podiatrists can provide? Services such as;


·         General foot care

·         Nail care

·         Treatment of corns & callus

·         Skin Conditions

·         Biomechanics (How you walk and run)

·         Orthotics & Insoles

·         Paediatrics (Children)

·         Sports Medicine

·         Wound Care

·         Education and advice



Other reasons to visit a podiatrist include


·         Thickened or deformed nails

·         Difficulty Caring for your own nails

·         Decreased blood or nerve supply

·         Diabetic assessment

·         Difficulty Walking



Would you like to see a Podiatrist?


Our Podiatrists are based in Wangaratta, and they travel to clinics in surrounding districts.

Everyone is eligible to see the Podiatrists At Ovens & King Community Health Service.



For more information and bookings, please call Ovens and King Community Health Service:


Ovens & King Community Health Service

90-100 Ovens Street Wangaratta 2677

(03) 5723 2000





Other Useful Information:


Foot Maintenance : http://www.podiatryvic.com.au/