Pathways Co-ordination


Wellbeing programs



The school offers Peer Educators, a program that encourages Year 11and 12 students to work with Year 7 and 8 students in a range of key learning areas. Program Achieve is a program which supports students in the areas of organisation, confidence, getting along with others and persistence. This is offered as an early intervention strategy to students in need at Years 7 and 8.

Peer Education provides all students with the opportunity to seek accurate and appropriate information from trained student leaders.  Peer Educators also introduce students to our “zero tolerance to harassment” policy which deals with bullying and the many forms of harassment. Our ‘Safe at School’ Policy is in the school planner.

Personal Power is a program offered to Year 9 students involving self-esteem, developing positive attitudes and motivation techniques.  

At Year 11 we have 'The Smart Seminar'. The primary aim is to prepare students for VCE with an emphasis on fundamentals such as organisational skills, time management and homework timetables. We invite guest speakers to address students on a range of issues confronting young people today.




Student Wellbeing during Year 7


All Year 7 students are involved in a ‘safe at school’ program to ensure strategies and procedures are well known.

At Wangaratta High we take pride in the support offered to students beginning their secondary education. A team of experienced teachers is dedicated to the task of ensuring that each student successfully makes the transition from Primary to Secondary School.

At the beginning of the school year, care is taken to assess the skill level of incoming Year 7 students, especially in literacy and numeracy. This ensures that the particular needs of individual students are known and catered for.

Each student’s personal Wellbeing is monitored closely, particularly in Year 7. The Wellbeing team and Home Room Teachers take pride in their personal approach to monitoring and assisting each student’s academic progress and well being.




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