Ovens & King Community Health Service




Ovens and King Community Health Service believe passionately in helping people maintain good health - the most precious resource we have.  

We provide a range of services for young people in our area to assist teenagers to manage their health issues such as;

 • Health Promotion - by arrangement

 • Counselling

 • GP Clinic [Bulk Billing]

 • Alcohol & Other Drug Counselling

 • Community Nusing (Sexual Health) - Choices, Support, Education and referral on reproductive and sexual health issues & fee for service by arrangement for school programs

 • Relationships

 • GP Services

 • Podiatry

 • Adolescent Counselling
















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Ovens & King Community Health Service
1st Floor, 90-100 Ovens Street
P O Box 224
Wangaratta,   3676


P: 03 5723 2000,
F:  03 5722 2313,  or

Email:  adminok@ovensandking.org.au

Lift access is available.