North East Support and Action for Youth Inc. (NESAY)


NESAY is a community based organisation that provides a service to young people

and their families in addressing the issues of adolescence, family life and homelessness. 


North East Support and Action for Youth Inc (NESAY) is a community managed incorporated agency committed to providing a service to vulnerable youth, the homeless and people who have been disenfranchised by their personal circumstances, addressing the issues of adolescence, family life, homelessness and employment options.


NESAY has developed and implemented a number of very innovative and family focussed intervention programs for marginalised people outside the ‘standard welfare arena, that are funded through various avenues such as community partnerships; charitable foundations; fundraising drives; and government grants.

Direct service delivery programs operate directly and intensively with the young person and their family in a respectful and strength based approach to address their identified needs.


Finding Solutions & Adolescent Support Program

Provides an intensive support and assistance to young people and their families.  Most referrals are from the Child Protection system, however community referrals are welcome.  The program aims to prevent future involvement of these families with the Child Protection system.



Helps young people who are homeless and those at the risk of homelessness to become more involved with their family, work, education, training and the community through mediation, counselling and practical support for the whole family.


Creating Connections

This program aims to support young people who are ‘transitioning' to independent living. The target group for this program is young people who have the capacity and ability to live independently but require extra support to make this transition long term.


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