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Don't go there Girlfriend (DGTG)

The DGTG program is offered to young females between 12 – 18yo who have a problem
with anger, aggression or violence. The program runs for 2hrs, one day per week over a
6 week period and includes games, excursions, art projects, watching movies and making
new friends. You can expect a safe and confidential session with transport provided to pick
you up and drop you off.




The WTT program is provided for young males between 13-18yo to teach them new ways
to manage their anger without resorting to violence or aggressive behaviour. The program
runs for 2 half day sessions a week over a 5 week period. Activities include bushwalking,
playing golf, a tour of the local Police Station, watching movies and other workshops
including hearing the story of a male mentor/ role model.



Contact NESAY on (03) 5720 2201



Or Alternatively contact NECAMHS:


NECAMHS provides an assessment to get a good understanding of what is going on and to then plan with you what would be most helpful to get the young person’s mental health back on track. NECAMHS can also provide consultation to other people or agencies so that they too can assist in the best way possible to achieve this.



66-68 Faithful Street Wangaratta
Wangaratta VIC 3676 
Phone: (03) 5722 4837









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