Homelessness Assistance Program


HAP provides assistance to young people aged between 15-25yo who are homeless, by
providing temporary support accommodation and assistance from relevant services.



NESAY is a not for profit, community managed, incorporated agency committed to providing a service to vulnerable youth, the homeless and people who have been disenfranchised by their personal circumstances to address the issues of adolescence, family life, homelessness and employment options



·         Housing and Accomondation Assistance

·         Family support and reconciliation

·         Confidential consultation at school

·         Advocacy

·         Parenting and Living Skills development program

·         Accommodation and other service provider referrals

·         Family mediation and reconciliation programs

·         Specialist employment services for youth at risk and others at risk of homelessness

Wangaratta, Indigo, Alpine, Benalla, Moira



Contact Us:



10 - 65 years                                                            86 - 90 Rowan Street Wangaratta
Phone                                                                                                  03 57 202 201
Fax                                                                                                      03 57 218 185                                       
Email                                                                                                   info@nesay.com.au
Web                                                                                                     www.nesay.com.au





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