Life experiences in all their complexity can affect a person's well-being.  Death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, experiences of trauma or abuse, chronic ill health or disability are experienced differently by all prople.



Some people become anxious or depressed and withdraw from others.  Some people turn to alcohol or other drug use and others bury themselvs in work.  Others can doubt their ability to cope and have a sense of despair.


People from all backgrounds and ages can benefit from the opportunity to debrief, reflect, grieve, resolve and make decisions about how to move forward, with a clearer understanding of themselves.

This service provides information and counselling in relation  to a range of issues, to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  Counselling aims to help people identify their strengths and abilities to work out a way forward in their life.



The range of issues includes :


Social isolation and loneliness

Relationship and family problems

Depression and anxiety

Loss and grief


Physical health and disability

Abuse or trauma


For further information and/or assistance please call 5734 2000 and ask to speak to the Counselling and Support services intake worker.




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