Adolescent Counselling Services



Everyone has ups and downs in life.  Sometimes we can bounce back from the tough times, sometimes it’s a real struggle.  Counselling can help you to manage some of life’s stressors, improve your ability to bounce back, and create the change you want.


OKCHS can provide:


4-6 session counselling and psychoeducation for stress, grief and loss, and family and relationship difficulties.


Accredited psychologists and social workers provide counselling for diagnosed mental health difficulties via GP Mental Health Care Plans – 6-10 sessions per year.


Confidential, free service for 13 years and over


Appointments either at school, or at Ovens and King Community Health



When do I need counselling?


Unable to manage your stress about study, school life, family, friends

Constantly feeling down, worried, or confused about your life

Becoming concerned about your thoughts or mood

Lost someone close to you

Not sleeping, or feeling tired all the time despite normal routines

Having thoughts of hurting yourself or other people

Feeling like a triangle in a room full of circles


What do I need to do to access counselling?


Call the Intake Worker at Ovens and King Community Health Service on 5723 2000


Talk to your GP about a Mental Health Care Plan



Useful resources avaialble to you: